7 Benefits of Meditation


Guest post by Amanda Herr

7 Real Benefits of Meditation on Your Health

Meditation, some would say this is the cure all of the world. Why? Because it has significant benefits for not only mental health, but physical health, too.

The long term benefits show that more disease fighting genes become activated with consistent meditation practice. With continued practice benefits, such as, stronger immunity, decreased joint pain, and healthier hormone levels persistent.

Meditation is like a workout for your brain. It strengths different areas to help create a more balanced system. When working out you will see changes in the shape of your body. With mindful meditation you will be able to see the results in a bit of a different way. Maily in the way you react to certain events.


When practicing the benefits of meditation, you are creating new connections within the brain that allow you to see the world a little different while also keeping your body in a much healthier state.

If you are going to start any new health related trend, meditation is the way to go.


7 Reason Why Meditation is Your Go-To Health Tactic



Some would say this is the biggest benefit of practicing mindful meditation. When you begin to practice mindful meditation, you are training your brain to control what is called the Amygdala. When frequently stressed, the Amygdala, becomes enlarged due to excessive activity. As time goes on, with meditation and decreased activity, this part of your brain will decrease in size resulting in increased ability to analyze a situation before reacting. You are able to go from a reactive state to a state of understanding.

2.Blood Pressure

Due to meditations relaxing nature it is very beneficial for lowering blood pressure. Meditation helps the body to produce what is called nitric oxide, a gas that helps to expand blood flow. This results in blood being able to move freely throughout the body.


3.Immune System

Being sick all the time is a good indication that the body is feeling overworked. Stress can cause a lot of inflammation in the body which can result in your immune system going a little crazy. This can mean illness or even disease. Practicing meditation decreases gene expression for inflammation resulting in an immune system that can fight invaders instead of your own body.


Just like meditation helps your blood pressure, it also helps your heart, mostly for the same reasons. Better blood flow means better heart health due to your heart not needing to work as hard to move blood through your system.

5.Pain Tolerance

Many people who complain of chronic pain that decide to make meditation a part of their daily practice see a drastic reduction in the amount of pain they feel and how often they feel the it. Using meditation decreases the feeling of pain by about 27%. This happens because it not only helps with the perception of pain, but it also controls the neural response to pain so you actually do feel it less.


Why does it seem that many people who meditate are so much more empathetic? Because practicing meditation allows one to consider things from another's perspective. Since meditating helps you pause in the way you react, you are now able to take a moment to understand why someone may act a certain way. You will also be less likely to take things personally because you will understand that the way someone else acts is not a reflection of you, but a reflection of them.



Ready to feel energized? Meditation is the way to go! Due to the fact that less cortisol is moving through your body you will find it easier to relax which in turn will help you feel much more energized. 


Beyond this list mediation has many other wonderful benefits. In fact there are so many that I would take quite a while to try and list them all. Why not take advantage of all these wonderful health benefits and work meditation into your routine today?

On another note, mindful meditation is just one of many different types of meditation. This type allows you to quiet your mind so you can calm and relax your body. Mediation can also be used to seek answer within to provide answers in manifesting your dream life.

Want to learn a little more on how you can use mediation to manifest a life that you are truly aligned to? I invite you to read more here


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