Reduce Stress by Segmenting Your Day




While you may think you can “handle it” as far as your stress level goes, we aren’t meant to be under constant stress, and it takes its toll. If you are doing everything right as far as diet and exercise but you’re under stress every day, you’re not going to see or feel the results you want. 

Do you plan out your day the night before? Do you segment your day?

Most people don't segment their day and then, at the end of the day, feel like they didn't get anything done!

I do it myself sometimes.

As an example, right now I am working on one large project, a mid-sized project and a number of smaller projects (not to mention all of the stuff I need to do for my husband, 3 kids, 2 dogs, cat and a turtle!) 

A couple of weeks ago I was getting myself into a real pickle over trying to balance the demands of everything, The big project was not only taking up too much of my day, it was also draining me of energy, making it hard to work on anything else.

Finally, I sat back, identified the problem and started to follow the same advice I give to my clients.

I started to segment my day.

Between 6-8 am I get the family off to their day
8-9:00am I clean up around my house and get myself ready for my day
9-9:30 I respond to emails
9:30-10:00 work on my blog

and so on..
Now I am moving ahead faster on every front. Nothing is left behind and each project is moving ahead nicely at a constant rate.

Just as important, I feel calmer and more at ease.

During the time when everything was overlapping, I was becoming increasingly anxious and concerned. My anxiety began to impact the quality of my work. It even impacted my ability to sleep through the night.

I should never have made this mistake in the first place, because I was taught how to handle it in my training. 

But sometimes I forget.

If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed, simply segment your day. Set minimum requirements for progress, and stick to them.

Above all, set time limits on each segment of the day. And stick to those too.

What are some ways you can reduce your stress level? 

Is there something you can start with this week? 

Wishing you all the best,