5 Tips to Survive a Tailgate Party

Tailgate tips.png
  1. Come prepared. Bring a healthy dish to the tailgate to ensure there is a nutritious option for you to snack on. Typical tailgate dishes are carb heavy (think nachos and sandwiches)

  2. Eat before you go. Don’t attend a tailgate hungry! Be sure to consume healthy meals and snacks beforehand, loaded with lean protein, vegetables and fiber (think a veggie omelet with a ½ cup of fruit or a handful of almonds as a snack).

  3. Focus on Lean Meats. Fat has more calories than protein, therefore choosing lean meats can help cut calories. With lean meats you get the protein you need to fuel for the day, even with a small serving. Go for the skinless chicken or shrimp over the cheeseburger or chicken wings!

  4. Grab a plate! Though it might not seem like a lot, grazing the snack table can often lead to eating more calories than placing your food onto a plate. Build a healthy plate with ¼ a lean meat (skinless chicken or shrimp if available), ½ plate of your healthy vegetable dish and ¼ carb dish (chips and dip, fruit, cookies, etc). 

  5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. When you say “tailgate” we often think of alcoholic drinks, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Pace yourself and cut the calories by having 2 glasses of water for every 1 alcoholic drink.