Smoothies on my doorstep!

I just got my first shipment of @daily_harvest smoothies! This is the best invention EVER!

With the kids back to school, morning chaos has begun. As much as I would love to spend time chopping fruits and veggies and creating great smoothie combos...I'm tapped out of time! 

They're easy to make!

It seems like everything can be delivered these days so why not my smoothies? I did some research and decided Daily Harvest was the best option. What I like about their product is the ease and simplicity. The smoothie arrives in cups. You simply dump the contents into your blender, add your liquid of choice and then blend. Then, you put the smoothie back into the cup that has a top with a hole for the straw! Genius!

They taste great!

The flavor combos are perfect! I like my smoothies creamy so I tend to use almond milk or coconut milk as the liquid but you can use plain water or coconut water. 

{tip: add coconut rum to the Mango + Papaya and you've got a healthy summer cocktail!}

Even my kids like them!

The best part about this is that my kids like them too! For some reason, when I make something myself it's not as appealing as something that comes in a cute package! (hmm) My 17 year old daughter sent me a text while I was out of town with a picture of her drinking one and a caption saying "your smoothies arrived. they're good!"  I might need to up my order!

The prices are good

I was just in NYC and popped into a juice bar and the smoothies were $10! I wouldn't really call them "smoothies"  but  Starbucks' concoction is around $6. Daily Harvest plans start at $7.99 per smoothie. Yes, you can buy and chop up veggies and fruits, freeze them for later etc. But, chances are, you will have some waste and most definitely will spend A LOT of time doing it.

Bottom Line

As of this post, I am not a DH affiliate..I get no money for writing any of this. But, if you sign up, we both get some free smoothies! Here is the link  to TRY DH NOW . If you want great smoothies that take about 30 seconds to blend with no waste and no prep time.. try Daily Harvest!