Want to change how you’re feeling?


Want to change how you’re feeling? Change what you are doing!

As I write this I am sitting in my cozy robe with my cup of coffee (ok second cup!) and Right now, I don’t really feel like going to my yoga class. In fact, I can much more readily come up with excuses not to go than I can reasons to go. If I think about it too much, I’ll never go! But if I simply change into my yoga clothes , make myself a power smoothie, I’m a lot more inclined to actually go. Why? Because every time I go through those motions, my desire to complete the task at hand increases. I’m not sure how or why this metamorphosis takes place but it would seem that my mindset transitions as a result of my actions. Did my thoughts cause me to feel like getting off my butt and get in my car and go to the studio? No way. Did the actions of getting ready? Absolutely. The shortest, most reliable way to change how you're feeling is to change what you're doing. When you feel bad, don't wait to feel good to do what you love. Start doing what you love. Good feelings will likely follow 🙏🏻