Is there really such thing as a coincidence?

OK Universe, God, idols, the Divine, whatever… What is it you're trying to tell me? Seriously, I know there is a lesson somewhere.. as Pima Chodron says, "nothing ever goes away until it teaches you what you need to know". At first I was a little tired of this game you're playing with me and now I kind of see it as a challenge.  I'll take your challenge because I am determined to figure out what it is I need to know. It may take me my whole life time but one day I'll figure it out. Last week,  Ireached out to an ex-friend who had betrayed me over six years ago. (yes, I reached out to her not the other way around.  I needed some closure so I asked her to meet with me). It went fine, and I do feel quite a bit better. I thought I did my yogic duty. Then, two days later, you throw her in the seat in front of me at a public event with over 300 people? Nope, no assigned seats. I couldn't even have planned that if I wanted to! Over the years she and I have crossed paths all over town. School, the gym,  even at Dairy Queen! I run into her more than I run into anyone else I know!

Maybeyou are just trying to toughen me up even more? Maybe she's hired a PI who is tracking my every move? (Kidding... I think)  Or, Is it because, through my yoga journey, I've opened myself up to the "current" or "Universal Consciousness" and am making room forpeace in my life? Then again maybe, it is all just a coincidence?