Get motivated, inspired, UNSTUCK, and moving towards your goals again with this (loving) kick in the pants.

Sometimes you just need a plan. A fresh perspective and a new set of specific steps you can take right now to get back on track with your goals.

If you’re ready to get clear about your goals, uncover the true motivation behind your deep desire for vibrant health, and make a plan to get there – this program is for you!

This program is ideal if you want to:

    Dedicate time for joy, happiness & fulfillment
    Design your healthy life
    Explore new routines
    Create life balance
    Build resilience

The package includes :

  • One 60 Min. Total Wellness Plan session

  • My Balanced Living Workbook

  • Six 30 min. phone or online coaching sessions

  • Free whatever/whenever email and text correspondence

  • One 60 min. final session


If you can say "yes" to one or more of the following, you need to schedule a call with me because you may need my help!

  • Do you have trouble sticking to health-related goals?

  • Do you struggle to keep a calm and positive mindset?

  • Are you always low on energy and motivation?

  • Do you struggle with work-life balance?

  • Do you find it difficult to prioritize your health?

  • Do you rarely let yourself relax?

  • Do you want to make healthy changes to your lifestyle but you’re not sure where to start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a health & wellness coach would be a great option for you. Of course this is quite a commitment time-wise and financially, but the health results you will achieve will be beyond worth it.


Schedule a FREE 30-Minute 'Taste' with me.

Give me just 30 minutes, and I'll give you a free 'taste' – ie. a simple, doable tweak to your habits – that will set you on the path to becoming the most vibrant, healthy, confident version of yourself.


Wellness coaching encourages you to utilize your strengths and values to create change.  A discussion-based approach will give you a "mental workout" for your well-being.

Meet one-on-one in person or via phone/video to learn how to create space for joy, mindfulness, and less stress. Leave with evidence-based skills that can be integrated into your daily life.  Click HERE to book now


Get my Balanced Living program Workbook 

The program is a guided, exploratory tour to understanding yourself better, so that you can create a life that has meaning and heart for you. 
The Balanced Living ProgramTM will help you to: 

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of what makes you tick

  • Make decisions that are congruent with your values

  • Explore your own empowering and disempowering beliefs

  • Create a skills development plan for yourself

  • Establish goals that excite and motivate you

  • View success on your own terms

The 17 exploratory exercises will assist you to open up the way you think about yourself and set the stage for new personal insights and possibilities!