Weekend trip to Beaver Creek


My husband had a meeting at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Because we are such procrastinators, the hotel was sold out at the meeting rate by the time I called. There were still rooms at the exorbitant rack rate but who would pay that?!? So I called the meeting coordinator and she was able to get us a room at a reasonable rate at The Osprey

The hotel was nice. Plenty of room for 5 people. We arrived at 10 at night (after a hellish drive from Denver) and there was no bellman/woman to be seen. The lifts were literally right outside the door and the location was perfect!



I got a massage, a one hour yoga class and a glass of champagne at Vail Cascade on Travelzoo for $109!  What I didn't know was that Vail Cascade (Now know as Talisa) was under construction and not actually open and therefore.. no restaurant and no food! My plan was to get there, after taking a bus from Beaver Creek, and have a leisurely breakfast before my spa day. Well, you know what they say .."The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry" right? So, thankfully, I had an RX Bar in my bag (which , by the way is THE BEST snack bar). I have to admit I was pondering the adage "if something seems to good to be true..." as I looked around and thought "now I know what they were offering a deal!" 


The first day, I took a class at the Allegria Spa at the Park Hyatt . That class was just OK. It was a typical all-level tourist class. It was me and two other students who had never done yoga before. Now, I can easily fit it to any class. The problem came when the instructor said she had to leave early and we were on our own for savasana. (for non-yogis reading this, that is the final resting pose.  A final meditation.) It was clear she wanted, or had to be, somewhere else.

The GREAT class (and my great massage) was at the Aria Spa & Club (attached to Vail Cascade). The class was mostly locals and was a true vinyasa class. The instructor, Aislinn,  was warm and knowledgeable and lead us through a challenging and evigorating class with of course, a guided savasana. 

The whole place needs some TLC. It is definitely showing signs of age (aren't we all!) and needs some remodeling too. But... The pre-service lounge area was cozy with a fireplace and an assortment of teas (and champagne!) I can't say enough good things about my masseuse. She asked about any ailments and injuries and also asked if I needed to use the restroom before my massages (yes, always a yes. I'm sure my mom taught me that!) I told her I was having some trouble with my knees and that if she knew any tricks to feel free to try them out. She did and explained to me what muscles might be responsible for some of my pain. 

So, overall, while I was initially though I would "get what I paid" for, I really got MORE than I paid for. Great, yoga, great massage, champagne and an RX bar by the fire. Can't get much better than that!


I retired from skiing a few years ago when I got sick of hearing my kids say "come on mom! we always have to wait for you!"  They have been skiing since they were barely potty trained and therefore much more advanced. They have significantly more fun skiing with my husband and I get some me time. It's a win-win. ( P.S. skiing is expensive!! I am saving a lot of money by not skiing and just going shopping and to the spa. For some reason, my husband doesn't agree with that though!)

Yes, I am there to shop, do yoga, and eat!