Wifi to go! (no more complaints from teenagers!)

We were planning our trip to Aruba so I called Verizon to inquire about using our phones there. "sure" they said. "$10 per line per day." Cha ching! 5 phones, 7 days, $350 for them to play on Snapchat? No way! Then I found this gem. 

tep .jpeg

I rented two of them thinking that when the kids went on excursions, they could take one and I would also have one so we can stay in touch. It worked perfectly! Actually better than I had anticipated. No one wants their kids to be sick on vacation. My son got sick on the second day. All he wanted to do was sleep. So, we left him in the room (He's 13, I'm not leaving babies in the room!) with his wireless unit (yes there was wifi at the hotel but it was terrible!) and I took one to the beach with me. We were able to stay connected. Priceless! 

Here's the link if you are interested GET YOUR TEPPY HERE (and yes, I get a commission if you rent or buy one but I wouldn't pitch it if I didn't believe in the product.) Feel free to email or message me with any questions.