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How will it work for me?

Our Rewards Plan offers individuals the opportunity to generate income by sharing our incredibly formulated plant-based products! The secret to success is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure -- PrimeMyBody has the systems in place to help you win at the highest level!




How to make money in our Rewards Plan!

PrimeMyBody Lead Marketer, John Taylor, walks you through the various ways you can be compensated in our amazing Affiliate Program. For more information about our Rewards Plan, scroll down to download it! 


What are you waiting for?

We’re in constant pursuit of discovering the best version of ourselves and sharing those discoveries with all who are on a similar path. We recognize how much effort and dedication must be applied to achieve success, that's why our team has put systems in place to help you build an ever-growing team. Come join our mission to live wellness, and create lifestyle! 

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A person can become a PrimeMyBody Affiliate by purchasing the Business Center for $39.00 annually, which includes access to your personal business center, replicated website, and online marketing tools. No product purchase is required. Earnings or potential earnings of existing Independent Affiliates are not necessarily representative of the income a PrimeMyBody Affiliate can or will earn through their participation in PrimeMyBody. No one can be guaranteed success as a PrimeMyBody affiliate.

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