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Welcome to Prime My Body and our team!  My hope for this page is to allow you to be quickly and effortlessly orientated to your new business and the amazing opportunity that we have to help others! 


I’ve enrolled, now what?

Step 1: Get orientated to your back office

  • Log in to your website (
  • Look around your back office, open tabs, see what’s there
  • click on myPrimeLife HQ, then trainings, then virtual office tour
  • Watch video

Video: Introduction by Dr. Erin Pollinger

Step 2: Watch Getting Started Guide

  • Log in to your website (
  • click on myPrimeLife HQ, then trainings, then getting started
  • Watch videos

Step 3: Learn how to introduce people to the oil and the business by watching Scott Freeman’s talk on the 6 steps of success by clicking on the link below.  

Video: Dr. Scott Freeman and the 6 steps

Here’s a summary:

  1. 1-3 minute introduction
  2. Direct them to information
  3. Personal call (3 way call, launch call or in person meeting)
  4. Follow up with them and enroll
  5. Set up a welcome call within 48 hrs with someone on your team
  6. Direct them to training (See “I’ve enrolled someone else, now what?”)

Step 4: Get orientated to the compensation plan.

Video: Dr. Erin Pollinger on the comp plan

Step 5: Download the PMB pulse app and start to get orientated to it with videos on the app

Step 6: Go for Gold:  Go for Gold will help you jump start your PMB business in just 4 months!

Go for Gold has been designed to offer you everything you need to reach the rank of Gold within the first 4 months of the year! Starting in the first week of January and running till the end of April, you’ll hear from top leaders, get your questions answered and get fueled to reach Gold in 2018! (Each week there will be a new zoom training and an accompanying worksheet posted on this page).

Join us each Wednesday at 12:30pm pst for our weekly Go for Gold Zoom Training. 

(Zoom meeting #: 7747747774

Someone is interested. How do I get them more information?

  1. Share your website! product based site) or (for immediate business videos and training)
  2. Send them this link to Erin’s short and powerful intro call (save this link to your phone for easy access)
  3. Connect them to someone on their upline for a 3 way overview call
  4. Connect them to one of the ongoing Overview Calls by PMB (see below)
  5. Invite them to an in person overview event
  6. Share one of the links from Christopher Shade’s talk for specific questions

  Encourage them to order a large pack (we all know how fast those bottles sell and you don’t want to be waiting for your next shipment.)

I’ve enrolled someone on my team, now what?

Step 1: Get them on a welcome call with someone on your team

  • Shows them that there are lots of people on the team to support them, not just you.
  • Shows them that others on the team are accessible and that they can call on them any time
  • Connect with other personalities and skill sets to use as resources with future needs

Step 2: Send them the basic info they need

  1. Contact list of upline and zoom numbers (that was sent to you)
  2. A link to this page on this website so they can start their own orientation and training
  3. Add them or invite them to the Ananda Hempire team page on Facebook for announcements on future calls and events
  4. Find out their preference on communication just in case the FB group isn’t checked very often

Training opportunities for you and your team

There are so many opportunities to learn about the business and products, to grow yourself, and to stay connected to the bigger vision. Listen on the commute, doing dishes, waiting for the dentist, or mowing the lawn.  The more you learn, the more you grow.

Weekly training calls


  • Monday – 12 pm PST – Dr. Erin’s Coaching call – Dial 302-202-1118, access code: 412785#
  • Monday – 6 pm PST – PMB Leadership call– Dial 712-432-4604, access code: 77463#
  • Tuesday TEAM ZOOM –9:30 am PST, 10:30 am MST, 11:30 Midwest 12:30 EST (Zoom meeting #: 8080801111)

  • Tuesday’s ~ Prime Pleasure Powerhouses Zoom (for the Ladies) at 2:30pm PST(Zoom meeting #: 774-774-7774)

  • Tuesday – 6 pm PST – PMB Overview call – Dial 712-432-4604, access code: 77463#
  • Wednesday at 12:30pm pst for our weekly Go for Gold Zoom Training. (Zoom meeting #: 7747747774

  • Wednesday – 6pm PST, 9pm EST (30 minutes) – Scott Freeman Team Call – Dial (641)715-0632, access code: 280685

  • Thursday – 6 pm PST – PMB Overview call– Dial 712-432-4604, access code: 77463#
  • Saturday – 10 am PST – PMB Training call – Dial 712-432-4604, access code: 77463#

Tools from our upline

Erin has a bunch of great resources on her own site and you can sign up for her email newsletter there. (password:PMB774)

Click here for website of Dr. Erin Pollinger, lead earner

Learn how to do your own presentation

Learn from Erin how to do a presentation using the slide show

Recommended Reading for Leaders & Influencers

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.
Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill
The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace Wattles
Law of Divine Compensation, by Marianne Williamson
Sacred Success by Barbara Stanny
Go Pro by Eric Worre
Building your Network Marking Business by Jim Rohn
How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie Leveraging the Universe by Mike Dooley
The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn Conscious Language by Robert Tennyson Stevens
Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes
The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter Prosperity Consciousness by Fredric Lehrman
The Diamond Cutter by Michael Roach

Recommended Videos
Rise of the Entrepreneur by Eric Worre (YouTube, Vimeo, etc…)


More on CBD

  • Pull videos from your back office (click “myPrimeLife HQ” then “training” tab on top then “hemp oil” and see the 11 plus videos from Dr. Shade
  • Google “CBD benefits” or “CBD ____ (fill in the condition or symptom)”
  • Read my dear friend John Hick’s book “The Medicinal Power of Cannibis”

Learn directly from scientist Christopher Shade

Watch Dr. Erin on why PMB oil

Tips on list making and goal setting

Create your money mantra a speak it every day (this is the number one tool that Erin Pollinger has attributed to her success)

Click here for the mantra

Tips on Leg Placement

When you are ready to start enrolling your first affiliate, make sure you’ve spoken to someone on your team about how to determine which leg to place each person on and how to control that from the back office.  You should never have your leg place on “auto.”

Compliance Verbage

Do’s and Don’t on talking about products

Quick Claims Guide



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Phone: 507-269-6439