pesto egg waffles small.jpg

Pesto Egg “Waffles”

This breakfast is To Die For! I know this picture isn’t fabulous (I’m definitely NOT a professional photographer!)

SO what is it?

Pest egg waffles topped with kale chips and avocado. Served with vegan sausage and (air) fried sweet potatoes!


So here’s how you make it: (I am NOT a measurer so …)

  1. Crack an egg into a bowl and add a splash of water . Mix in a squeeze of pesto

  2. Pour into waffle iron -one egg per side- ( I have had this iron for a bazillion years and it still woks perfectly. And it’s CHEAP!

  3. let cook about 5 minutes

  4. Put a handful of kale in the airfryer 5 mins on 400 ( I am OBSESSED WITH MINE get it at amazon HERE )

  5. Slice sweet potatoes and toss in a ziploc w some avocado oil, garlic powder and pink sea salt.

  6. When kale is done put potatoes in airfryer. 400 5 mins, then flip them and cook another5 mins.

  7. Remove, and put the sausage in the air fryer.

  8. Top it all with Trader Joes avocado dressing.